oh man

It is the greatest of the great. It would take your breath away pretty much all the time while you’re reading this novel. 

One of the great things you can get as you get old enough (when I say, old enough, I mean at least in 40s), you can relate yourself to pretty much any topic and any story, because you must have experienced similar things in your life up until this point of your life. 

And funny enough, this is the novel you can read it at night with some guilt when your wife fell in sleep already. 

Some people would say novel is not for fun and there is nothing to learn about, but in my case, I often learn even more from reading novels than reading self-help books. They make me think about my past path of my life and my path towards my future and goals. What’s most important and least. Some powerful novels like this one would even change my views on my life and truly bring some impacts on me. 

Anyway, you should read this book and feel your heart beating so fast as you read to the climax of this novel. Life is so beautiful and misterious and thankful. if you have lived and have your family now, you know what I mean by that. 


I used to think that if I do something, I should make it perfect or at least close to perfect, but I’ve realized that pursuing for a perfection may not be the efficient way of achieving your goal. As a matter of fact, it would be a barrier for you to achieve your goal more effectively, because the effort of making something perfect would often end up in bing exhausted and buried without ever seeing the light at the end. 

Instead, if you can just start doing something as a draft and keep in your personal ‘work-in-progress’ fold, you can certainly take some pressure off your shoulder and keep proceeding. 

Life is short. That’s true, but if you do something every day, every single day no matter what, I truly believe something miracle would happen even if your ability is million miles away from the perfection and your dream. Somehow the God will hold your hand and lift you to the next level. 

So, don’t give up too easily as you get disappointed how far you are from being a perfectionist. Just admit you would not be perfect and there would be a lot of mistakes and errors on the way, but you are still determined to take one step at a time and sometimes two steps a day and we will all see the light to the next level. 

So, let’s make some draft today. 



Introduction of Rubber Process Oils 

We would like to introduce a new product, Rubber Process Oils (hereafter RPOs)
RPOs are used as a processing aid (plasticizer) in the manufacturing of rubber products. RPOs functions as a plasticizer, improving the processability and filter incorporation, or as an extender.
The Mechanism of processing aid working can be done either by lowering the molecular weight of polymer or by lowering of intermolecular interactions.
The efficiency of physical process aids depends upon the degree of miscibility with polymer or solubility in polymers. The higher the miscibility and solubility, it will be more effective in reducing viscosity and a small amount of it will be required. In this way, RPOs can exhibit better solubility properties.

RPO can be broadly classified into three basic groups:

1.     Paraffinic
2.     Naphthenic
3.     Aromatics

All petroleum oils are mixtures of various hydrocarbon groups and their classification is arbitrary and is based on the predominance of a particular hydrocarbon group.

RPO type
Kinematic viscosity@100C
Mid-grade viscosity paraffinic RPO
EPDM rubbers
Butyl and ethylene-propylene rubbers
Light-colored rubbers
Shoe soles


High-grade viscosity paraffinic RPO
Bright and clear color with very low volatility
High-grade naphthenic RPO
Footwear, molded and extruded rubber goods

Aromatic RPOs
Styrene-butadiene rubber
SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)
Automobile rubber tires, belting, battery cases, etc., (where color is not an important parameter) 
Dark color, Good solvency

We offer aromatic and paraffinic high-grade RPOS and now selling in Korea, China, and Southeast Asia market.

For more information, please contact us at:

Sales Director: Andy Sun
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Let us introduce our recent product, Magnesite (magnesia) Gunning Material (MGM)

Please note this product is different from normal MgO-based refractory material. 

1.    Raw materials: (both fused and sintered) magnesite sand, magnesite calcium sand, additives and binder  

2.    Applications: Repairing materials for various furnaces: blast furnace, hot blast stoves, Iron Runner for BF, martin furnace, converter furnace, electric furnace (EAF), steel ladle, torpedo ladle, hot metal ladle, secondary refining furnace, heating furnace, soaking pit furnace, tube heating furnace, reforming furnace, boiler, flue, chimney and kiln furnace thermal equipment, etc.

3.    Production process:

A.    Size optimization process: need to optimize the size control and distribution (in terms of both critical particle size and partial size distribution)

                        i.         Size control directly affects the performance of spraying material, especially for adhesiveness, anti-corrosiveness, anti-spalling (the phenomenon that refractory walls of furnace crack due to compressive stress when a high temperature rapidly cools down to low temperature)
                       ii.         Therefore, strict size control is required according to the most compact sedimentation way. At the same time, you need to minimize the porosity and bulk density while not changing the characteristics of materials
                      iii.         As a critical particle size becomes larger, anti-corrosion and anti-spalling performance improves, but if it becomes too big, the adhesiveness goes down, and it causes the spring-back problems which increase the loss rate

B.    After a strict size control, blend key raw materials: fused magnesia, sintered magnesia, bonders, additives, plasticizers and paper textiles etc.

For more information, please contact us at: 


Cell: +82-10-7997-9087
Director: Andy Sun

We are supplying this product to steel mills in Korea and Japan market now. 


Andy Sun 


How do you define yourself? 

Do you see yourself as a normal salaryman? If so, that is who you are and you would most likely end up dying as a salaryman to the last of your life. 

If you see yourself as someone who can be bigger in the future, you are trying to head for something bigger in your life. 

If you see clearly what kind of person you want to be and even do image-training every day for your dream and take action, you are in the right category now. 

Just try to have self-affirmation notes and remind yourself every day and at a specific time if possible. The early morning is the best time to be reminded. Not only limited to the early morning but as often as possible. 

My affirmation notes: 

I am a great public speaker I am a fun writer I am a successful businessman

Do take action wherever necessary!

Draw self-images of yourself!

Yourself on the stage as a public speaker in front of a full of audiences 
Yourself who writes something every day and publish a book every year
Yourself who makes a million dollars every year and creates great collaborate between trading business and culture (arts) business. 



There is no such hero.

Throughout your lifetime, you must have heard of some people talking about their epic tales over and over again, such as I have done something like this and that when I was 10 years old, etc. Also, if you read some autobiography of some famous people, you would often hear something extraordinary stories which would make you feel like these people must be completely different from me and I would not be able to become like them ever.

Most of them are nothing but all highly exaggerated stories. Of course, some of them may be 100% fact-based or might have been exaggerated ever slightly but my point here is not to argue that they are all lies or nothing to learn about from them, but you don’t need to get intimidated by their stories at all.

Let me tell you the hidden truth here. They've become successful not because they'd got through all these tough times and finally overcome, but because in most cases, they have first become successful and then, start coming up with their stories to either exaggerate, fabricate or makeup before sharing with people. I am not saying it is wrong or bad. I think it cannot be any more natural and of course, I would also do the same, but again, don’t forget my intention to say this: don’t get intimidated by this kind of story at all.

I often used to think that I should need to get through more tough times in my life or I need to push myself harder and even become more miserable with my work or life, etc. This is all truly bullshit and if that kind of words or thoughts come to your mind, repeat after me that this is just a laughable shit.

Just first become successful by leveraging whatever resources you have now and later on, make up your own stories to brag about. Until then, just work off your ass and treat the time like a gold bar.

Thanks for reading. Thanks - Andy 

▶ Currency Movement
  As of April 6, 2019:
USD to Korea: 1137 ,   USD to CNY: 6.72 ,  USD to JPY: 114.5  ,  USD to EU: 111.7

  • Sometimes check the yearly move and then monthly move to get a feeling of the current and future trend
  • Basically need to memorize current rates of major currencies
  • Often can find a good opportunity in financial crisis (currency crisis) from a certain country
  • Try to find a reason for a currency valley (sudden rise or drop) 



Ferroalloy Market
  • Not a big change in other ferroalloy products such as silicon metal and silicon manganese
  • Will handle more other precious metals in the future such as FeMo and FeTi

    1. Ferro Silicon

n  Current price as of April 5th:
 - Market price for FeSi75% lumpy: $1200/mt FOB
 - Lowest bidding: $1150/mt FOB

n  Price movement last week from April 1st to April 5th:
 - Slight decline: about $10~20
 - Reason: still slow economy

n  Price anticipation next week from April 8th to April 12th
 - Still slow
 - Most likely decline further

“Market price for FeSi75% is around $1200/mt but you can often find even $1150/mt at the transaction level. As you find this kind of low bidding number, it signals the market price would go down further.”

    2. Ferro Vanadium

     n  Current price as of April 5th:
       - China-origin price of FeV80%: $56/kg V FOB
       - EU/Russia-origin price of FeV80%: $52/kg V FOB

n  Price movement last week from April 1st to April 5th:
   - Plummeted: dropped from $64/kg to $56/kg in China market
   - Reason: still in the way of getting a right price level  

n  Price anticipation next week from April 8th to April 12th
   - Not clear / tough to guess
   -  Probably China FeV price would go down future close to $50

“Quite a fluctuation in price last week and quite a gap between China and EU spot prices. Dropped quite significantly in China. Some plants in China halted production due to a recent unstable price movement”

 External Situation 

    Trade War between US and China

n  Current situation 
  - A few good news are being reported that the negotiation is going well and there will be a president summit soon
  - Never forget the volatility of Doland Trump

n  How this will affect ferroalloy market
  - Obviously positive signals to ferroalloy market
  - Ferroalloy prices would rise with the expectation of more demands from downstream market 

What are Ferroalloys? (II)

We normally call it steel industry, but more accurately, it is the iron & steel industry.In other words, there are iron industry and steel industry. Normal people would not know what the difference between them is, but it is quite essential to understand them before we move on.
1.  When we say ‘Iron Plant,’ it produces products with iron ores. On the other hand, ‘Steel Plant’ is producing steel products mainly with steel scraps.
    2. If so, what is key difference between Iron and Steel? It is a strength in one word. More accurately, the content rate of carbon because carbon decides on the strength of steel products. 
      - Iron: If the carbon rate goes over 2%, it becomes solid like a stone, and it is not bendable any longer and just breaks when a force is added. 
      - Steel: if the carbon rate stays below 2%, it is still bendable and deformed when a force is added rather than breaking.

What are Ferroalloys? 

Ferroalloys are namely alloys one or more alloying elements with iron. 

For example, Ferrosilicon is an alloy made of iron and silicon (Fe + Silicon).
In the same way, Ferromanganese is made of iron and manganese. 


@SUN Inside

Actually, you should understand very basics of the steel industry in order to understand the ferroalloy industry. We can divide the steel industry into three groups as below:

  • Mining Industry 
  • Ferroalloy Industry
  • Steel Industry (more accurately Iron & Steel Industry)
In fact, more than 99.9% steel products we are using right now are made after the process of using ferroalloys. So much so, ferroalloy takes a big part among entire value chain of steel industry. 

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SUN Inside was founded in 2013. Since then, we have become a global sourcing company with a wide customer base in about 24 countries across the world. We have built an excellent reputation in both domestic and overseas market, through long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors. Our commitment is to create true values for our customers with best products and services, so that our customers can always enjoy a family-like partnership and true values in the business with SUN Inside.


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